4 Apps to Virtualize your Personal Style

by - Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I am sure you know that Morning Rush where you just can't figure out what to wear. It has happened to me when I was studying and then, when I was working and it still happens, everyday. I tried to be more diligent and keep my outfit ready the night before but most days, it is difficult to take time out for that as well. Why? Mostly, because a closet is like a box of candy. You open it, you want to have it all but you know you can't. You have to pick just one and that's when you start feeling lost. 

Wouldn't it be easier, if you were keeping track of your outfits on the run? Say, You had the whole week of outfits noted down somewhere and ready to be referenced anytime. Awesome, right?

Here are Apps that will help you organize and keep track of your closet virtually. The best part, all of these apps are available for both iOS and Android users.

1. Stylitics

This App lets you keep track of how often have you worn a particular outfit, the cost-per-wear of items, and the weather the day you wore them. You can easily share outfits with friends and stylists and see what they are wearing as well. The App lets you know which items in the closet are getting the most mileage. 

This way,  if you splurged on a particular item, you can see if the splurge was worth it. You can also shop celebrity closets via this app. 

Available on Google Play & iPhone App Store

2. Pose

Pose is a free app that lets you upload looks onto their platform daily. Much like the lookbook app, users share and discover stylish looks and trends. Each look can be tagged for brand and category. This app is a great way of keeping track of you outfits on a daily basis. 

You can receive feedback on the outfit you wore and based on the number of likes and comments, you can easily figure out which outfit stood out. Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and supermodel Coco Rocha are already connected to the social shopping app.

Available on Google Play & iPhone App Store

3. Stylish Girl

Stylish Girl's FUN & EASY interface lets you catalog your Closet and Wish Items. You can also create outfits anytime and anywhere and share them with friends via various social networks. This app also has a feature where you can browse, mix and match the online items with your clothes and outfits. 

The app has the latest fashion looks, celebrities’ fashion styles and news from selected fashion blogs and magazines. The app lets you plan your outfits for travel by adding items in a virtual Suitcase.

Available on Google Play & iPhone App Store

4. Stylicious 

This App lets you take photos of your clothes, shoes and accessories and tag and categorize them. It includes a calendar to help you plan outfits and keep track of what you wore when.

It also includes a handy feature that lets you bookmark particular brands and show you only the items that are on sale. You can also share images you have stored in Stylicious on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Available on Google Play & iPhone App Store

How do you like to plan your outfits? Are there any apps that you love and use on a daily basis? 

Let me know your thoughts. 

Have a great day. 

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  1. Wow! This list is so fun! I've never heard of any of these apps but they look like they would be sooo helpful! Gotta download and try them later. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  2. These apps sound pretty brilliant, thanks for letting us know about them!

  3. They all sound so useful, I definitely have to check them out!