Sunday, July 26

10 friends you don't need in your life

Friendship is a complicated human equation. It not only evolves with time, it also evolves with you. Someone rightly said " As you grow old you realize, it becomes less important to have more friends and more important to have real friends." I have had good friends turn bad on me, acquaintances turning into real good friends and some that I know are just there and have always been and always will be. So, how many is too many or how to sort out the real ones. While you are at it, here is a list of 10 friends you need to get rid of right away. 

1. The Unhappy One 

You know that one friend that will whine about anything and everything. Nothing is ever perfect. There is no concept of being happy in the moment. There is something always wrong with life and everything is their fault. Over time, such people tend to pass on their negativity on to you. One day, that negativity piles on to you and makes you a whiner of life. Before that happens, either confront this person and ask them to change their ways or part ways, immediately. 

2. The Hypocrite 

At least the whiner would say everything's their fault but the Hypocrite will blame everything on the world. Nothing is ever their fault. They are always victims of situations or people or the natural order of things. They will never accept responsibility for their actions but will be quick to warn you of the consequences of your actions. You still think it's a good idea being friends? Only god can save you. 

Monday, June 22

Saturday, June 20

Zara has a Major Sale going on!

Zara Sale Picks

If you have been following my Facebook Page, I posted about the sale over at Zara earlier today. I, like most mortals, wait for Zara to announce its sale and in today's post I have a roundup of a few things you should get your hands on right away. 

Friday, June 19

Closet Remix: Chambray Shirts

Chambray Shirt

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In the past week or so, I think I have pretty much sold the idea of a chambray shirt as a must have in the closet in myriad ways. I can't emphasize enough on how versatile this shirt can be and how good a layer it is to have during those Winter - Spring and Summer - Fall Transitions. 

From wearing it with a sparkly mini to wearing it as a layer over a tank top, a Chambray shirt will surely last you many seasons, It can be dressed up or down and whether it is casual Friday at work or a girl's night, this piece is a fab transitional piece to have.

Today I have 3 ways you can style a chambray shirt.

Sunday, June 14

6 Ways to get On-board the Fringe Trend

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Fringe is a big trend this season and reminiscent of the 70's, there wouldn't have been a better time for it to be back. Want to get on board this trend? I have 6 ways you can add fringe to your wardrobe

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