Jan 17, 2015

Of Birthdays

I have always been great at remembering birthdays. I am bad at names, though. Over time I have realized that social networking tends to meddle with my ability to remember things, people and places - Sometimes, even memories. 

Last week was my birthday. Let me just say I am not in my 20's anymore. It was a quiet birthday very different from the pompous celebrations I have had in the recent past. I didn't have to worry about checking and responding to all the wishes on social media. I didn't have to worry about planning the whole day. I spent it with family and the wishes from the few people who remembered the day were enough to make my day. Sometimes, things done a little differently bring us all the joy in this world.

For the last two months, I have kept myself away from social media in hopes that I would be more productive. I have been resourceful in many other ways but it was time to be back to the blogging world. So here I am.

In today's outfit I am wearing a striped dress layered with a sweater dress inside and a moto jacket. I finished the look with ankle boots, satchel and a leather hat.

Nov 24, 2014

Holiday Gifting made easy with Anjolee

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. OK, Diamonds and Chocolates. Right? Investing in classic pieces of jewelry is always a good decision. When the jewelry brand Anjolee contacted me, I was certainly excited to see what they had to offer.
After going through their website, I decided to get myself their Millgrain Edge Eternity Band. I received the order in a week's time. The packaging of the product was impressive and so was the ring. The band's design features an endless row of diamonds all around the ring. Anjolee gives you plenty of options to customize the ring. You can select the metal type, the carat weight and quality of the diamonds. 

Anjolee was founded in 1977 as a manufacturer specializing in upscale jewelry. Anjolee’s jewelry collection can be found in retail stores across the United States, Canada and on many online websites. The high quality images throughout the website illustrate each jewelry item in its finest detail. All jewelry on the site can be viewed in 360 degree angle, by clicking on the 360-Rotation links that are found throughout the site. This exciting feature allows customers to carefully examine each jewelry item before making a purchase.

Nov 21, 2014

What I Wore: Radiant Orchid & Floral Print

I'm Back. For the last one month, I sort of got drowned in the effort that comes with house moving. After which being a person who has her own whims and fancies, I distanced myself from all modes of communication, quite literally - No Social Media and Only Urgent Calls and Messages. Hey, but I survived, yeah. 

It was an experiment of my own to see what had I been missing with all the social media noise around me. Let me just say, I found so many ways to fill the spare time and bond with family but we all need our own little distractions, don't we?. So, it is good to be back. If you would like to read on, Here are 3 excellent ways tiny tech detoxes will make you happier

I am sure everyone is excited about the holiday season and all the Black Friday sales! When it is snowing outside, that is the best way to cope. 

In today's outfit, I have paired these floral pants from OASAP with a Cozy Sweater in Radiant Orchid and finished the look with ankle boots and a tote bag.

Oct 19, 2014

What I Wore: A Maxi Story

I have always been wary of Cable Knit sweaters since they look bulky on my skinny frame. However, I am yet to find any other piece of garment, that keeps you so warm without the addition of any other layers. I would rather be sitting at a cafe wrapped in the comfort of a sweater sipping my morning coffee than be stuck inside in this beautiful weather.

In today's outfit, I tried to balance out the bulkiness of a cable knit sweater with the free flowing form of a maxi skirt. I finished the outfit with a fringe bag and ankle boots. 

Oct 15, 2014

What I Wore: Leather Skirt

I love a good leather look for fall and I stock up on leather skirts earlier in the year for exactly that reason. One of the days in October, the sun was shining and it was what you would call pleasant weather in this part of the world. Read that as perfect weather to break out the Leather minis and the knits. 

For today's outfit, I wore a white knit sweater from Marshalls with a faux leather skirt from H&M accessorized with a black bag and burgundy pumps.