Sunday, May 24

Closet Remix: Pretty Florals

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Florals for Spring - There is no better cliche than that. Yet, Florals are reinvented every year and find a new form of expression. Sometimes, it is in the form of dainty delicate prints and sometimes in the form of bold, colorful patterns. Florals have found a new life in the form of appliques, digital prints and darker prints.

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In today's post, I have 5 ways you can refresh your floral look

I - Go Bold with Head to Toe Floral - Wear this print on a jumpsuit or a maxi dress. You can choose one with a delicate print or a darker bolder print.

Friday, May 22

Flared Trousers and Cami Top

I told you I have been wearing a lot of yellow past few weeks especially this yellow blazer.It was only befitting that I wore it with these trousers I had put away at the back of my closet. The Flared Cut is back and it's a good thing because there is no better way to relive the 70's. 

I literally live in skinny jeans but I am not complaining because the easiest way to change up your look is by playing around with cuts and fabrics. Add to it the fact that flared high waisted pants give an illusion of long legs. 

In today's outfit, I am wearing the trousers with a Cami Top and my favorite fitted yellow blazer. I have finished out the look with a mini bag, statement earrings and ankle strap sandals in animal print. Wearing the flares with something fitted balances out the look and balances out the curve of the hip. 

Thursday, May 21

Elephant Print & White Jeans

Last week, someone went ahead and took the liberty to comment on my shoe size. "OMG, You wear a 8.5 size shoe!" and I thought to myself, last I checked It wasn't a crime to wear a shoe that is a size 8.5. Moreover, since they make shoes in that size, people must have feet of that size, No? 

I have always been teased about having big feet. You know when you are in your teens, it does hurt all that much more. You are still learning your way around the world. But, Hey I am 30ish! The thing is I don't comment on people's physical appearance and that's why I always find myself on the other side. No matter, what the other person may think, It is still body shaming! 

So, if I don't comment on the other person's weight, height, feet size or general physical apperance - I wonder why people think it is OK to take the liberty?"

Wednesday, May 20

5 Steps to Healthier looking Skin

Let's talk about skin for a second. Not everyone's blessed with good genes like Jane Fonda or Julianne Moore and the stressful lives we lead, tends to take a toll on our skin. 
Sadly, Women are more prone to to dermatological problems and skin breakouts - Blame it on our hormones. 

For example, I was blessed with a pregnancy glow when I was expecting my daughter and after I had her, my skin has been much drier. I was left wondering where did all the glow vanish. Since then I make sure to stick to a skincare routine. Here are 5 steps to a healthier looking skin: 

1. Stay Hydrated 

You know how your Mum kept reminding you to keep drinking water and eating your fruits and veggies - Well, Yeah you should do it. In more technical terms, human body is made up of 72% water and that's where you should take your cue to pick up that water bottle. 

Not only should you drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday, you can also keep your body hydrated by eating salads and fruits. Fruits and Veggies are a good way of eating your water besides many other benefits.

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Tuesday, May 19

Pastel Story

Last weekend, I decided to organize my closet taking cues from the experts (The Experts Spill Their Tips For A Clean, Well-Organized Closet and 31 Ways to Make Over Your Closets). I highly recommend it to anyone who has trouble remembering what and how many of a type/color they have in their wardrobe much like moi.